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Wooden ring - Rosewood
Wooden ring - Rosewood

Wooden ring - Rosewood

Wooden ring - Rosewood
Wooden ring - Rosewood

Elegant, unique and special wooden ring.


Product made to order!

The product will be custom made, identical to the image, minor differences may occur.
The wood color / shades / vein might differ.
Preparation time, 7 - 12 days

Please specify the exact size of the ring (s).

If you specify an inaccurate size, the replacement warranty is void.

Important product information:

The ring is provided with a waterproof layer.
This layer will wear out over time.

We tested the rings resistance during every day activities.
For example it is completely fine to wash your hands and shower with the ring on.
However the rings have not been tested in the sea or in thermal water, so it is recommended to remove your ring before taking part in these activities.

If heavy, rough-surfaced objects need to be lifted, the rings may crack, the surface treatment will be scratched and lose its water resistance.
(Just like rings made from metal can also be deformed or scratched if worn during these activities)

For those who do heavy physical work, I do not recommend wearing the ring during work.

If while following all of our guidelines the wearing of the surface treatment still occurs, the ring(s) will be re-surfaced for FREE.

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